Monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Georgia

The main purpose of this shadow report is to synthesize research data and case studies in order to draw attention to gaps in the SDG implementation process in Georgia and highlight successful cases where appropriate. Focusing specifically on SDG 5 – Gender Equality as well as several additional targets, such as  SDGs 6 and 7, that are relevant to gender equality and empowerment of women in Georgia.

WeResearch team analyzed the current context and developments related to the selected targets and indicators, emphasized important cases and/or problematic issues under each target and developed relevant recommendations for future improvement. As such, the shadow report focuses on the SDG implementation gaps against its targets. The analysis of each target is structured as follows – document review results are followed by case analyses and respective recommendations.


Author: We Research team and WECF Georgia
Photo credit: Sophiko Aptsiauri