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Hear our call, make the SDGs available for all!

The Agenda 2030 is a key driving force for gender equality. With the acceptation of the SDG´s, governments committed to address a range of social, economic and environmental issues that, if fully implemented, could be transformative for women and girls everywhere, regarding economic inequality, agriculture, energy, biodiversity and climate change, and peace and security.

Without an active participation of women in addressing environmental issues, gender equality cannot be reached. Therefore, a gender perspective needs to be integrated in all of the SDGs.

One goal of the SDGs is dedicated to achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls (SDG5). Targets and indicators were designed with the aim to ensure women’s rights, for instance through legal framework, in order to address existing discrimination and inequalities. Other issues are also being addressed under this SDG, such as physical and sexual violence against women, child marriage, genital mutilation, recognition of unpaid work and representation in political instances. A set of targets and indicators have been developed in order to respond to those issues.

However, the scope of action of the SDGs regarding gender equality is not only bound to SDG 5. The SDGs only make sense as a universal, indivisible agenda of all 17. Indeed, gender equality and women’s human rights are cross-cutting with other issues that are being addressed in all of the SDGs, as women also face the consequences of poverty, climate change, lack of water, conflicts etc. Even if all countries would give women equal land tenure rights, this would still not be enough if climate change destroys their livelihood. Gender equality cannot exist on a dead planet, therefore we continue to strongly advocate for goals that will ensure corporate accountability and address environmental and climate destruction.

That is why we are not only looking at one SDG, but at all of the 17, with a particular focus on the followings:

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