27 02, 2018

Georgia: SDG 5

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Gender Assessment of Sustainable Development Goal #5 A gender assessment research was undertaken by the organization We Research within the auspices of the project ‘’Women 2030’’ funded by the European Union and implemented by WECF International. Previous research in Georgia indicates that traditional understandings of gender roles are deeply rooted and widespread among the [...]

20 02, 2018

Kanta Marathe

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Country: India Works for: Navrachna Samaj Sevi Sanstha Role in #women2030: gender expert I have struggled in life. I had to put up with childhood drudgery and poverty to complete my education. But I was determined. Having seeing the conditions that tribal people endure, especially tribal woman, I decided to work with them promoting their [...]

20 02, 2018

Training Master Manual: building capacity for change (English version)

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This manual aims to build knowledge, skills, and capacity of Civil Society Organisation (CSO) partners of the #Women2030 programme, to foster change towards a gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs. It is a guideline and flexible tool for the Training of Trainers (ToT) and it is made up of 5 modules: Module 1: #women2030 approaches and [...]

12 02, 2018

Women’s Caucus demands on the Post-2020 Strategic Plan of the Convention on Biological Diversity

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This is a submission by the CBD Women’s Caucus, together comprising a diverse group of women’s groups, Indigenous Women’s Biodiversity Network (IWBN) including RMIB-LAC its regional caucus from Latin America and the Caribbean, Indigenous Peoples’ organisations, community-based organisations, NGOs, researchers, and networks working on issues related to gender and biodiversity conservation. This submission includes [...]

5 02, 2018

Nadezhda Kutepova

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Nadezhda Kutepova: human rights lawyer, Russia  “My father and grandparents died of cancer because they worked for the nuclear industry, and my mother was driven to an early grave by endless fights in courts,”. Nadezhda Kutepova from City 40, a city hidden from the map in the Soviet era, has tried to fight the unhealthy [...]