Training Master Manual, the Bangla version

Module 1: introduction & gender concepts

This is the Bangla translation of the first Module, with the introduction, the guidelines to use the TMM and gender concepts.

Module 2: on Gender and SDGs 5 Gender Equality, 6 WASH, 7 Energy, 13 Climate Action and 15 Biodiversity.

Session 2.1: SDG 5: Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls Session 2.2: SDG 6: Gender and Universal Access to Water and Sanitation Session 2.3: SDG 7: Gender and Access to Reliable, Affordable and Clean Energy Session 2.4: SDG 13: Using a Gender Perspective in Climate Action Session 2.5: SDG15: Gender, Forests and Biodiversity

Module 3 Gender Sensitive Training and Coaching skills, in Bangla

The objective of this module is to equip the trainer with key information and tools to develop and facilitate participatory trainings and workshops in a gender-sensitive manner.

Module 4: Organisational Skills for Gender Mainstreaming, in Bangla

The topics of this module are Gender-sensitive Organisational development for CSOs, Gender in Development Planning. Also included are Gender Budgetting, Gender Mainstreaming in Programme Management.

Module 5: Gender Responsive Advocacy, in Bangla

This module is made up of two sessions: 1. ‘Developing and planning advocacy activities for gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs’ and 2. ‘Formulating gender-responsive policies and legislation to implement the SDGs’.

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