Towards the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Uganda

A report from the NGO Workshop on Green Technologies and Networking

ARUWE and WECF organised a workshop on Green Technologies for 11 Ugandan NGOs, the 25-29 September 2017 in Kiboga, Uganda.  The aim of the 5 days workshop was to raise NGOs capacities to understand and engage in the promotion of green technologies towards the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs) as well as sharing own experiences and networking with other NGOs.

During this workshop, the following NGOs were engaged: Katosi WomenVERDESWAGENSSWARS, KAP, THP-UATUNAWADRHCFCECE and Kiboga NGO Forum. The workshop was also attended by representatives from the local leadership and community beneficiaries.

Bamboo for biogas

The participants learnt and exchanged their know-how and experiences including the applicability and reflection of SDGs in their work. One focus was on WASH technologies like ECOSAN, pour flush and green technologies using locally available raw materials like bamboo for biogas and water harvesting tanks. WECF and ARUWE presented the technologies and how to give local population access to these, e.g. through a microcredit program.

Another focus was on energy co-operatives and their applicability in Uganda, where WECF energy expert Katharina Habersbrunner explained the background and experience in Germany and Europe. Opportunities for cooperative business models and local renewable energy solutions for Uganda were discussed in groups.

Demonstration farm

In the practical part, the participants visited ARUWE´s demonstration farm and learnt how to manage system integration (crops and livestock), as well as learning weaving bamboo baskets for biogas and water tank. They could test two types of toilets: biogas and ecosan toilets as well as cooking on biogas.

The participants were very engaged and interested to share information and to learn from others. They decide to start to network and continue their exchange.
This workshop was funded by the Erbacher foundation.

See photodocumentation here.

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