Semia Gharbi

  • Country: Tunisia
  • Works for: AEEFG 
  • Role in #women2030: Trainer
  • Related SDGs: SDG 5, SDG 4, SDG 9, SDG 17


I implement environmental education for our future generations at the institute of AEEFG. I train people on education and gender equality. Together with my colleagues I am also developing a strategy for solving environmental problems with a scientific and gender just approach. I find that the challenge of integrating gender equality and the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) in Tunisia is to move fast, to implement the goals at the national level. In other words, to move beyond the intention of acting upon the goals; to actually implementing them and creating change. The SDGs have already been running for 2.5 years and we only have 12.5 years left to achieve them!

AEEFG and I are working with governmental institutions, non-governmental organisations and other educational actors towards scientific and gender just approach. I am involved in Women 2030 project as a gender expert trainer of trainers. With the support of WEP, I have trained 40 women in Tunisia and we are following their progress as they train others in their local communities. I have also actively participated in the policy work at the climate negotiations in Marrakech, 2016 (COP22)

Photo credit: Annabelle Avril / WECF


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