Project Start-Up of Women2030 in Nairobi

Partners from around the world gathered last weekend in Nairobi, Kenya, for the exciting initiation phase of the project Women2030.

Global partners meet in Nairobi for initiating the Women2030 project, funded by the European Commission.

The project, which is funded by the European Commission, aims to build the capacity of civil society organisations to implement and monitor SDGs on the local, national and international level. The project start-up was incredibly successful, bonds were strengthened and frameworks were developed. Best practices were shared, flexible cultural sensitivity standards were discussed, and chanting and laughing filled the school rooms of the German School in Nairobi who were hosting us. Everyone brought tremendous energy and positivity, and it was impossible to tell that most participants had been working non-stop at the UNEA-2 conference.

Global Forest Coalition (GFC) was represented by Simone Lovera, Isis Alvarez, Jeanette Sequeira, Swati Shresth, Kureeba David, Ikhwan Mohammad, Ronnie Hall and Helen Burley; Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) was represented by Leanne Sajor and Trimita Chakma; Women Environmental Programme (WEP) was represented by Priscilla Achakpa, Juliana Agema, John Baaki, Benson Attah, Brigitte Acakpo-Addra and Anne-Marie Abaagu; Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) was represented by Esther de Jong, Juana Vera, Anabell Waititu and Lioba van Dam; WECF was represented by Sascha Gabizon, Maureen Brouwer, Dr. Anke Stock, Dr. Claudia Wendland and Hanna Gunnarsson.

From the left: Juana Vera (GWA) and John Baaki (WEP)

From the left: Juana Vera (GWA), Leanne Sajor (APWLD), Trimita Chakma (APWLD). Discussing focus countries and areas

From the left: Swati Shresth (GFC), Isis Alvarez (GFC), Ronnie Hall (GFC)

Lively and engaging discussions erupted when we discussed what we were to include in our gender sensitive training manuals. From the left: Esther de Jong (GWA), Claudia Wendland (WECF)

From the left: Juliana Agema (WEP), Anne-marie Abaagu (WEP), Kureeba David (GFC)

From the left: Sascha Gabizon (WECF), Anke Stock (WECF), Priscilla Achakpa (WEP), Helen Burley (GFC), Kureeba David (GFC), Anne-marie Abaagu (WEP), Brigitte Acakpo-Addra (WEP), Maureen Brouwer (WECF), Trimita Chakma (APWLD), Anabell Waititu (GWA), Jeanette Sequeira (GFC)

From the left (background): Simone Lovera (GFC), Jeanette Sequeira (GFC), Hanna Gunnarsson (WECF), Swati Shresth (GFC), Isis Alvarez (GFC), Ronnie Hall (GFC), Juana Vera (GWA), Leanne Sajor (APWLD). In the foreground: Maureen Brouwer (WECF)

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