Gulmira Mendibaeva

  • Country: Ysyk-Kul oblast, Kyrgyzstan
  • Works for: Community group
  • Role in #women2030: Trainee
  • Related SDGs: SDG 5, SDG4SDG 10, SDG 16SDG 17


My name is Gulmira Mendibaeva, I live in Ysyk-Kul oblast, Kyrgyzstan, and am a partner to ALGA (a #women2030 Trainer of Trainers). I work mainly on improving the livelihood or rural women.

For me implementation of Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) from gender perspectives means that rural women and girls have better access to education, information and training, to sexual reproductive health services and social protection. It also means that rural women and girls will have access to different resources: financial, technologies, water, sanitation, marketing, etc.

The challenges I meet in my work includes lack of awareness; as we rural people lack access to information, but also our local government bodies are lacking information and knowledge. Another challenge is customary law, which denies us, women, from many perspectives. There are also economical barriers, we, women, are not independent. Some people say that women should own resources. No, I do not want to only own, I want to have an access. This is the most important: to have equal access to resources and to be equal.

To fight these challenges we work on awareness raising and education. These are the most necessary activities we need; it will change people’s consciousness. In our village we are in the processes of overcoming these challenges.

I hope next year I will share my success.

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