Call for feminist storytelling experts for the end evaluation of our Women2030 programme

The Women2030 coalition partners are looking for (an) expert(s) in feminist storytelling who will support our end of programme evaluation in a participatory and innovative way, by putting forward and make visible the impactful stories of transformation of our target groups and their communities.

The Women2030 programme is led by a coalition of 4 women’s rights and gender equality organisations: Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF), Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), Global Forest Coalition (GFC) and Women Environmental Programme (WEP). Our goal is to build capacity of women’s and gender civil society organisations (CSOs) and engage them in the policy processes of Agenda2030, its corresponding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate action. We collaborate with local partners by facilitating participation in policy development and monitoring, mobilise citizen’s support and sharing of best practices.

What are we looking for?

As our Women2030 programme is coming to an end in April 2021, we will carry out an end evaluation during the period December 2020-March 2021 to measure the impacts and sustainability of the programme in our 3 impact areas: capacities built; policies improved; and mindsets changed. The main objective of the evaluation will be to focus on the impacts and sustainability of the programme by way of storytelling, and creating more visibility for transformation. The expert(s) in storytelling would most likely come from media organisations so that they can best support us in carrying out interviews with our target groups, and in the visualising and outreach of the results.

We are looking for (an) expert(s) that:

  • Can support us in drafting interview questions to retrieve impactful stories from the target groups from different countries and regions, and potentially from decision-makers, in the 3 impact areas of our programme;
  • Can guide the Women2030 partners and target groups in delivering the questions (considering travel restrictions), as well as support the provision of other relevant materials (videos, photos…) from the target groups;
  • Can support and guide the organisation of a participatory 2-day learning webinar to reflect on the impacts and sustainability of the programme;
  • Can collaborate with other experts to showcase, illustrate, and visualise the results of the evaluation (for instance, with an illustrator, animator, web designer…);
  • Can guide and advise Women2030 co-applicants on how to visualise the results and possible illustration/design outputs
  • Can create and implement a media outreach strategy to showcase and spread the results through different platforms (our social media accounts, our website…) and tap into new and larger audiences.

The criteria we are looking for in (an) expert(s):

  • Strong affinity, knowledge of, and experience working with feminist approaches and with women’s rights movements and other social movements;
  • Relevant work experience on international programmes with development organisations, most particularly with gender equality and women’s rights organisations, and with grassroots groups;
  • Expertise in participatory and community-based storytelling for advocacy and awareness raising; expertise in visualisation and spreading of results through diverse media platforms and in campaigns;
  • Preferably, knowledge of current state of international policy processes, particularly Agenda2030 (SDGs), Beijing Platform for Action, and the Climate Convention (UNFCCC);
  • Knowledge of other related processes and issues such as SRHR, forests, biodiversity, energy, trade, etc. and interlinkages with gender equality;
  • Strong writing and communication skills in English. Knowledge of Spanish, French, Russian and / or any other language is a plus

How to apply?

If you are interested in this call, please send an email to Audrey Ledanois at, labelled “Experts in feminist storytelling”. Deadline for applications is 18 November 2020. Candidates from all regions are welcome to apply. Please send along your CV, a cover letter and a portfolio of your work. We would also appreciate it if you can send a draft methodology and a quotation of your expected price.

The candidate will be selected by the 4 co-applicants and invited to an introductory (virtual) meeting during the first week of December to get to know the Women2030 programme and coalition members.

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